Newly releases IoT security issues

Subject: Newly releases IoT security issues

Two repositories containing security issues against various kinds of IoT devices ranging from consumer electronics such as smart routers, smart home controllers, smart IP cameras to IIoT used tools as well as routers seem to have been released.

One of them is identified by Samuel Huntley and it is in Moxa IIoT router --

The other one is identified by Mandar Satam who works in the security field and specializes in IoT security arena. The details of CVEs released by him are in

Overall there are 68 CVE issues identified in these documents. Also in addition, to those there are other security issues related to the same devices and their cloud or mobile applications that have not been provided with CVE ids.

    Vera -- CVE-2017-9388, CVE-2017-9384,CVE-2017-9381, CVE-2017-9390, CVE-2017-9387, CVE-2017-9389, CVE-2017-9386, CVE-2017-9385, CVE-2017-9383, CVE-2017-9382, CVE-2017-9391, CVE-2017-9392

    Starry -- CVE-2017-13718, CVE-2017-13717

    Shekar -- CVE-2017-10721, CVE-2017-10719, CVE-2017-10718, CVE-2017-10723, CVE-2017-10724, CVE-2017-10722, CVE-2017-10720

    Securifi -- CVE-2017-8336, CVE-2017-8335, CVE-2017-8329, CVE-2017-8333, CVE-2017-8331, CVE-2017-8328, CVE-2017-8334, CVE-2017-8332, CVE-2017-8330, CVE-2017-8337

    Dlink -- CVE-2017-8408, CVE-2017-8411, CVE-2017-8404, CVE-2017-8407, CVE-2017-8406, CVE-2017-8409, CVE-2017-8405, CVE-2017-8410, CVE-2017-8414, CVE-2017-8417, CVE-2017-8412, CVE-2017-8415, CVE-2017-8413, CVE-2017-8416

    Blipcare -- CVE-2017-11578, CVE-2017-11579, CVE-2017-11580

    Amcrest -- CVE-2017-8229, CVE-2017-8226, CVE-2017-8226, CVE-2017-8227, CVE-2017-8228, CVE-2017-13719

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8. Moxa -- CVE-2018-10690, CVE-2018-10691, CVE-2018-10692, CVE-2018-10693, CVE-2018-10694, CVE-2018-10695, CVE-2018-10696, CVE-2018-10697, CVE-2018-10698, CVE-2018-10699, CVE-2018-10700, CVE-2018-10701, CVE-2018-10702, CVE-2018-10703

Up until above released on

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