Persistent XSS in Abus Security Center - CVSS 8.0

From: Tim Schughart <>
Subject: Persistent XSS in Abus Security Center - CVSS 8.0


Product: Abus Security Cams 
Vendor:Abus Group  

Internal reference: - 
Vulnerability type: Cross Site Scripting 
Vulnerable version: 0101a and possible other versions affected (not tested)
Vulnerable component: FTP
Report confidence: Confirmed
Solution status: Not fixed by Vendor, will not patch the vuln. 
Fixed versions: -
Researcher credits: Tim Schughart & Khanh Quoc Pham of ProSec Networks
Vendor notification: 2016-09-21
Solution date: 
Public disclosure: 2016-09-29
CVE reference: 

Vulnerability Details:
The entered username via FTP login is reflected to the log which is rendered in the web interface without input validation. This results in an successfull, persistent, XSS.

Through this you are able to get e.g. the session cookies of the cams administrator. So you are able to get full access - persistent. 

FTP Username: <script>alert(document.cookie)</script> 
FTP Pass: any 

Browse to log and watch the popup :) 

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grü\u0178en 

Tim Schughart 
CEO / Geschäftsführer  

ProSec Networks e.K.
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56076 Koblenz 

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