Re: Administrivia: Real domain names in PoC/exploit examples

To: Nate Eldredge <>
Subject: Re: Administrivia: Real domain names in PoC/exploit examples

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 08:38:57AM -0700, Nate Eldredge wrote:
> On Fri, 28 May 2010, wrote:
> >And this is the sort of thing that would be appropriate:
> >- (this is really the best way to go)
> Except that, while reserved according to RFC 2606, 
> actually resolves to a host with a web server (running, interestingly, 
> Apache 2.2.3 from circa 2006), which gives you a page telling you about 
> RFC 2606.  It appears to be run by the IANA.  So it might be polite not to 
> use this, so as not to attack the IANA by mistake.
> Better would be the reserved TLDs from RFC 2606, which AFAIK should never 
> resolve at all: *.test, *.example, and *.invalid.  Unfortunately, 
> "" is less obviously a host name compared to 
> "".
> >- Some other place-holder that is not a valid domain such as <victim>,
> >etc.
> That works too.
> -- 

Okay, agreed. Let us not abuse IANA's poor little Apache 2.2.3

So, to sum up, these guys are good for exploit/PoC examples:

1. Place-holder such as <victim>.
2. Reserved TLDs from RFC 2606 such as *.test, *.example, and

Dave McKinney

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