[Hacking Event] Night Da Hack 2010 : Call For Proposals

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Subject: [Hacking Event] Night Da Hack 2010 : Call For Proposals

- Night Da Hack 2010

Date: June 19-20 2010
Time: 4 PM - 7 AM
Location: Paris, France

What is Night da Hack?
“Night da Hack” comes from a rough translation from French “Nuit du Hack”. Started in 2003 by Hackerz Voice team, and inspired by world famous DEF CON, “Nuit du Hack” is one of the oldest French underground hacking conference.

Around computer security related talks, workshops and contests, Night da Hack aims at bringing together corporate IT professionals and hackers, no matter their skill-level. They will discover the latest technical advances in this area and assess their skills.

Night Da Hack is organized in two parts. First of all, several talks from 4pm to 11pm. Secondly, midnight to 7am: a Capture The Flag contest with 10 teams of 5 challengers each. You are more than welcomed to participate.

In order to improve both quality and accessibility of this event, the 2010 edition will be for the first time open to international talks and workshops.

    * Educate the general public, giving everyone means to understand and master challenges and risks of a modern lifestyle involving new technologies.
    * Demystify techniques and secrets of "pirates" to empower a rational and measured approach to Internet safety issues, and provide necessary elements to protect themselves.
    * Participate in protection and defense of Internet service consumers through our investigations so that they can estimate, for example, the actual level of security and privacy offered by these services.
    * Disseminate knowledge the most advanced techniques outside specialists' restricted areas. We want to encourage free exchange of information, and provide a useful tool for enthusiasts and security professionals.
    * Allow professionals to exchange the latest advances in computer security.
    * Provide an easy way to meet for both enthusiasts and professionals looking for advanced skills.

Talk proposals should be send to communication@hackerzvoice.net with "NDH - Proposal" as subject and containing (at least) a short description of the talk and a detailled synopsis. Workshop proposals are also welcomed and follow the same submission scheme but no synopsis is required.
Once a proposal is accepted, the author is asked to write down the final version (including slides and appendices) that would be available online after the event.

Every subject related to IT security would be welcomed but the originality of the proposal is also reviewed.
    * Talks are open to anybody, expert presentation skills are not necessary but keep in mind that speaking in front of a crowd is not so easy.
    * For all workshops you should specify your needs (material, space, or anything else). This would be taken in account at acceptance time.

Talks should last 30 minutes (question time included). We will not hesitate to interrupt a talk to keep the event right on time.

Workshops would take place in parallel of the talks with dedicated stalls.

email: communication@hackerzvoice.net

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