Re: [funsec] facebook messages worm

From: Gadi Evron <>
Subject: Re: [funsec] facebook messages worm

I am constantly updating on this on my twitter account to avoid 
list clutter:

You can watch the infection live on a web counter from the hosting 
provider that the worm points to. This thing is fast-spreading.


On Wed, 6 Aug 2008, Gadi Evron wrote:

> Hi all.
> There's a facebook (possibly worm) something malicious sending fake
> messages from real users (friends).
> The sample also has a remote drop site (verified by someone who shall
> remain nameless).
> This is possibly zlob, not verified. Thanks Nick Bilogorskiy for his help.
> Infection sites seen so far are on .pl domains.
> The AV industry will soon add detection.
> Facebook's security folks are very capable, so I am not worried on that
> front.
> It's not that we didn't expect this for a long time now, but...
> Be careful. Some users know to be careful in email.. but not on facebook.
> Note: unlike 2003 when we called everything a worm and the 90s when
> everything was a virus--this is a bot which also spreads/infects on facebook.
>  Gadi.
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