Vulnerabilities in trading and SCADA softwares

From: Luigi Auriemma <>
Subject: Vulnerabilities in trading and SCADA softwares

Considering the current financial and global crysis in which we are
fallen I thought that was enough "funny" to give a quick look at two
particular types of softwares: technical analysis (trading) and SCADA.

The tests have been performed as fast as possible without going deep in
the softwares and spending just some minutes for the majority of the
bugs... a quick disinterested test and nothing else.

The technical analysis softwares are used in the financial and trading
sectors for studying the trend of the market and catching the right
moment to buy and sell for having a profit:



While for the HMI/SCADA, automation and industrial sectors I opted for
some medium/small products:

  Cogent DataHub


  Progea Movicon / PowerHMI

  Carel PlantVisor

  Rockwell RSLogix (DoS only)

  Measuresoft ScadaPro (multiple vulnerabilities)

  Beckhoff TwinCAT (DoS only)

  BroadWin WebAccess Client (released over one week ago)

As already said I performed only a superficial test without wasting time
configuring the softwares or reading manuals and without doing other
checks or analysis so I hope everything is correct although not much

If there will be enough interest in these sectors I will release new
vulnerabilities in the next weeks.

Luigi Auriemma

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