Re: Re[2]: Update: [TZO-26-2009] Firefox (all?) Denial of Service --through unclamped loop (SVG)

From: Nick Boyce <>
To: Bugtraq <>
Cc: Thierry Zoller <>
Subject: Re: Re[2]: Update: [TZO-26-2009] Firefox (all?) Denial of Service --through unclamped loop (SVG)

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 3:27 PM, Thierry Zoller<> wrote:

> NB> Thierry says he thinks No, but you say /something/ nasty happened to
> NB> your FF 3.5, if I understand you correctly.
> It affects 3.5, there was no effective patch included in that version.

For the record (and again I hope I'm not wasting your time by
misunderstanding the problem), I can report that FF 3.5 (en-GB
version) running on Win2K SP4+ (Workstation), with the extensions
Noscript, Oldbar, JRE6, and British dictionary, is unaffected by the
PoC for TZO-26-2009 that you published here in May [1].  No CPU
slugging, no disk activity, browser stays fully responsive, along with
rest of system.

But nor do I see any red circle generated by the HTML  :)

I could guess from some statements on the web ([3]) that FF's SVG
doesn't work on Windows 2000 at all, except that I have no problem
viewing this :

At the end of Mozilla bug 393832 [2] (of which your own bug 465615 was
a duplicate) there is a comment dated 13.July.2009 stating a patch for
the SVGLength code was added, but I downloaded my FF 3.5 on 9.July, so
that can't be relevant.

Curious ... I would have thought this one would be OS-agnostic.

[3]  (last paragraph)

Nick Boyce
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