Request for feedback on TCP security (IETF effort)

From: Fernando Gont <>
Subject: Request for feedback on TCP security (IETF effort)

Hello, folks,

I've just posted a revision of the "Security Assessment of the
Transmision Control Protocol (TCP)" IETF Internet-Draft. It's
available at the usual places (including: (It is
a derivative of the CPNI TCP-security document published last year,
available at:

The current plan is discuss each section of the draft piecemeal (it is
a very large document), get consensus on the changes to apply to the
existing text, and then move on to the next section.

Therefore I'm requesting feedback on all the sections through Section -- this includes the introduction sections, the basic
check on the TCP segment size (Section 3) and the discussion of port
numbers (Section 3.1 with all its subsections).

Please submit comments by Friday March 5th, 2010, so that we can move
on to the next sections in a timely manner.

P.S.: It would be best if you subscribe the TCP WG mailing-list at: . Nevertheless, you can
post your feeback here (please CC me), or send it unicast to , if you prefer.


Kind regards,
Fernando Gont
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