Authentication-Bypass in CosmoShop ePRO V10.17.00 (and lower,- maybe higher)

Subject: Authentication-Bypass in CosmoShop ePRO V10.17.00 (and lower,- maybe higher)

*) Issue:
Authentication-Bypass in CosmoShop ePRO V10.17.00  (and lower, maybe higher)

*) Author:
l0om ( )

*) Date:

*) Overview:
Cosmoshop provides an admin backup-function which saves .htaccess protected MySQL dump files
in a backup directory. This directory does only prevent HTTP GET-requests but passes POST-request.
This allows an attacker to download the backup-file without authentification.

*) Details:
Cosmoshop is another webshop-solution written in perl developed for the german market. 
The "backup.cgi" script is buggy (tested in CosmoShop ePRO V10.17.00)

The backup.cgi script creates a MySQL backup of your shop. As the logged-in shop
administrator you are allowed to execute it. If you decide to use this build-in
backup function it will create a backup of your users and admins data (including 
passwords,  email, ...). This file is saved as "artikel_kunden_daten.sql.gz" (german style) 
and gets proteced by htaccess. The .htaccess file build by the script includes 
something like:

      <Limit GET>

As you can see the file is only protected for HTTP GET requests but not
for HTTP POST requests. The protected directoy is located on where the html-root
is sometimes "/cosmoshop", sometimes "/cosmoshop/default", sometimes none of them...

However, using curl with GET results in an 401 error:

badass@badhost:~> curl 
--> 401 - Authorization Required

but the POST variant of the request gives you the file without authentification:

badass@badhost:~> curl --data "fruit_0f_the=l0om" >ur_login_data.gz
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed


*) Workaround:
+ Dont use the build-in backup function - simply use your own mysqlclient tools to 
  save your database (how about mysqldump ?). Dont forget to delete the directory.
+ edit the .htaccess file in the backup-directory - simply delete the "<LIMIT ..>" and "</LIMIT>"
 (yes, sometimes less is more)

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