Silently Pwning Protected-Mode IE9 and Innocent Windows Applications

From: Mitja Kolsek <>
Subject: Silently Pwning Protected-Mode IE9 and Innocent Windows Applications

Our advanced binary planting research goes on... and it's time to reveal some
interesting hacks, for instance how to exploit binary planting (or DLL hijacking, if
you prefer the less suitable term) to execute remote malicious code through Internet
Explorer 9 in protected mode on Windows 7 - without issuing any security warnings. Or
how to do the same in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP, only even more stealthy.

The crux is described in our blog post: or,

while the final missing link to the exploit will be revealed at the Hack in the box
conference in Amsterdam on May 19
(, and shortly
thereafter to the rest of the world.

Our Guidelines for developers have already been updated for those who hate seeing
binary planting, DLL hijacking, DLL preloading or insecure library loading in their
software creations:

Best regards,

Mitja Kolsek

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