CFP: ISOI 7 - Sept 17, 18 - San Diego

From: Gadi Evron <>
Subject: CFP: ISOI 7 - Sept 17, 18 - San Diego

The 7th ISOI (Internet Security Operations and Intelligence) will take
place on September 17th and 18th in San Diego, California.

ISOI 7 is kindly hosted by Websense and ESET. The evening reception is
graciously hosted by Facebook.

An early draft agenda can be found here:

While attendance is very limited as explained below, it is free of charge.

For previous agendas, please take a look at:
-------------------------------------------- (hosted by University of Texas, Dallas,
Baylor and Sunbelt) (hosted by Estonian CERT with reception by
Norman) (hosted by Yahoo!) (hosted by ISOC, Afilias and ICANN) (hosted by Microsoft with reception by
Trendmicro) (hosted by Cisco with reception by ISC)

We solicit proposals for presentations from the public. A short abstract
(with data to back it up) can be sent to

The main topics of interest are Internet infrastructure defense, cyber
crime, online fraud, phishing, DDoS and botnets. We also solicit
proposals for debates.

While the conference and groups are vetted, we believe in public
involvement and making information public whenever possible. Therefore,
we once again keep a couple of agenda slots open for the public.

ISOI is a closed conference for members of the different Internet
security operations communities, bringing different groups together
(such as MWP, nsp-sec, MAAWG, etc.)

In the conference you will find professionals from many industries:
network operators, anti virus researchers, law enforcement, academia and
government officials from around the world.

Personal note:
It's time to let ISOI fly free, I will not be attending this one. I
would like to use this opportunity to thank Randy Vaughn, Dan Hubbard
and Jeff Debrosse for their efforts in making ISOI 7 happen.

Cordially yours,


Gadi Evron,


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