CVE-2012-6494 - Nexpose Security Console - Session Hijacking

From: <>
Subject: CVE-2012-6494 - Nexpose Security Console - Session Hijacking

Product: Nexpose Security Console
Vendor: Rapid7
Version: < 5.5.3
Tested Version: 5.5.1
Vendor Notified Date: December 19, 2012
Release Date: January 2, 2013
Risk: Medium
Authentication: Access to logs required.
Remote: Yes

Due to a flaw in the way the Nexpose Security Console logs session data, 
it is possible to capture the session of a logged in user.
This could be especially interesting when using a central logging system 
and system admin have access to logs but not the security console.
In capturing a user\u2019s session as shown in the proof-of-concept below, an 
attacker can gain access to the already logged in account. Once the 
attacker has this information, they can then hijack the established 
session and impersonate the owner in a variety of contexts.

Exploit steps for proof-of-concept:
1. Nexpose admin logs in.
2. While monitoring auth.log, the \u201cRegistered session\u201d value is captured.
3. A request to the security console is made and intercepted using a proxy.
4. \u2018JSESSIONID=<session>\u2019 is replaced by 
5. Success.

Vendor Notified: Yes
Vendor Response: Quickly escalated and resolved.
Vendor Update: Remediated in 5.5.4.


Robert Gilbert
HALOCK Security Labs

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