*CLOSING IN 5 DAYS * Re: AppSec DC 2012 - Call for Trainers

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Subject: *CLOSING IN 5 DAYS * Re: AppSec DC 2012 - Call for Trainers


Just a reminder that the call for trainers closes on December 15th.
We welcome all proposals at varying levels of technical content as
well as non web-specific training.

Submit proposals to http://training.appsecdc.org/


The AppSec DC Program Committee

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 2:27 PM, AppSec DC <info@appsecdc.org> wrote:
> Colleagues,
> OWASP is currently soliciting training providers for the OWASP AppSec DC
> 2012 regional conference that will take place at the Walter E. Washington
> Convention Center (801 Mount Vernon Place NW Washington, DC 20001) on April
> 2nd through 5th of 2012. The theme for this year's conference is "OWASP -
> Not just webapps anymore" to reflect the new and revised scope of OWASP to
> include all application security issues instead of focusing just on web
> application security. There will be training courses on April 2nd and 3rd
> followed by plenary sessions on the 4th and 5th. There are a total of six
> classrooms over two days or 12 training days available at the conference.
> Three classrooms hold 30 students and the other three have a capacity of 24
> students.
> The following conditions apply for people or organizations that want to
> provide training at the conference:
>  * Training provider should provide class syllabus / training materials.
>  * Proceeds will be split 60/40 (OWASP/Trainer) for the training class.
>  * OWASP will provide the Venue, Marketing with Conference materials,
> Registration and basic AV
>  * Trainers will cover travel and accommodations for the instructor(s)
> and all course materials for students
>  * OWASP will reserve up to 2 training slots at no cost and the trainer
> may reserve up to one slot at no cost
>  * Price per attendee: 2-Day Class $1500/ 1-Day Class $750.
>  * Trainers can brand training materials to increase their exposure
>  * Classes are to be focused around Application Security but are in no
> way limited to web application security.
> Submit proposals to http://training.appsecdc.org/ before December 15th 2011
> to be considered. All trainers will be required to submit a Training
> Instructor Agreement
> (https://www.owasp.org/images/0/0f/AppSecDC_2012_Training_Instructor_Agreement.pdf)
> in order to have their classed scheduled. Additional information can be
> found at http://www.appsecdc.org
> Please forward to all interested practitioners and colleagues.
> Regards,
> The AppSec DC Program Committee

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