Re: Samba Remote Zero-Day Exploit

From: Stefan Kanthak <>
Cc: Michael Wojcik <>
Subject: Re: Samba Remote Zero-Day Exploit

Michael Wojcik wrote:

>> From: Stefan Kanthak []
>> Sent: Saturday, 06 February, 2010 08:21
>> Dan Kaminsky wrote:
>> [...]
>> > (On a side note, you're not going to see this sort of symlink stuff
>> > on Windows,
>> What exactly do you mean?
>> Traversing symlinks on the server/share, or creation of "wide"
>> by the client on the server/share?
>> Since Windows 2000 NTFS supports "junctions", which pretty much
>> resemble Unix symlinks, but only for directories.
>> See <>
> And at least since Vista, it also supports symlinks, which are designed

s/at least//

[ well-known facts snipped ]

> The Windows SMB server apparently won't cross reparse points, though, so
> there's no equivalent vulnerability.

NO, Windows SMB server crosses reparse points!

But as Dan Kaminsky pointed out, you need to have administrative rights
to remotely create a junction on an SMB share, so the non-admin user
cant get himself access to files outside a share he's allowed to access.


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