New IETF I-D on "Stable Privacy Addresses"

From: Fernando Gont <>
To: Full Disclosure <>
Cc: <>
Subject: New IETF I-D on "Stable Privacy Addresses"


We've just published a new IETF I-D entitled "A method for Generating
Stable Privacy-Enhanced Addresses with IPv6 Stateless Address
Autoconfiguration (SLAAC)".

The abstract of the I-D is:
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   This document specifies a method for generating IPv6 Interface
   Identifiers to be used with IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration
   (SLAAC), such that addresses configured using this method are stable
   within each subnet, but the Interface Identifier changes when hosts
   move from one network to another.  The aforementioned method is meant
   to be an alternative to generating Interface Identifiers based on
   IEEE identifiers, such that the same manageability benefits can be
   achieved without sacrificing the privacy of users.
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The aforementioned I-D is available at:

Any feedback will be really appreciated.

P.S.: Also, feel free to discuss the I-D on the ipv6hackers mailing-list


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