Deutsche Telekom CERT Advisory [DTC-A-20140324-003] vulnerabilities- in icinga

Subject: Deutsche Telekom CERT Advisory [DTC-A-20140324-003] vulnerabilities- in icinga

Deutsche Telekom CERT Advisory [DTC-A-20140324-003]

Two vulnerabilities were found in icinga version 1.9.1. 

These vulnerabilities are:
1) several buffer overflows
2) Off-by-one memory access

Updates available and need to be installed:
- Icinga 1.10.2 Bug Fix Release
- Icinga 1.9.4 
- Icinga 1.8.5


a) application
b) problem
d) detailed description
a1) Icinga 1.9.1
b1) Buffer Overflow [CVE-2013-7106]
c1) 8.5 AV:N/AC:M/Au:S/C:C/I:C/A:C 
d1) The icinga web gui is susceptible to several buffer overflow flaws, which can be triggered as a logged on user. A remote attacker may utilize a CSRF (cross site request forgery) attack vector against a logged in user to exploit this flaw remotely. Depending on the target system, this may result in code execution and eventually full compromise of the icinga server. 
a2) Icinga 1.9.1 [CVE-2013-7108]
b2) Off-by-one memory access
c2) 4.9 AV:N/AC:M/Au:S/C:P/I:N/A:P
d2) The icinga and nagios web gui are susceptible to an "off-by-one read" error, which is resulting from an improper assumption in the handling of user submitted CGI parameters. To prevent buffer overflow attacks against the web gui, icinga/nagios checks for valid string length of user submitted parameters. Any parameter, which is bigger than MAX_INPUT_BUFFER-1 characters long will be discarded. However, by sending a specially crafted cgi parameter, the check routine can be forced to skip the terminating null pointer and read the heap address right after the end of the parameter list. Depending on the memory layout, this may result in a memory corruption condition/crash or reading of sensitive memory locations.

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