Re: pidgin OTR information leakage

From: Jann Horn <>
To: Dimitris Glynos <>
Subject: Re: pidgin OTR information leakage

2012/2/25 Dimitris Glynos <>:
> Pidgin transmits OTR (off-the-record) conversations over DBUS in
> plaintext. This makes it possible for attackers that have gained
> user-level access on a host, to listen in on private conversations
> associated with the victim account.

Basically, you're saying that if I have the rights of a user on a
machine, I can access the private conversations of that user? Ooooh
no. Well, I can also copy his keyfiles, no? And I can alter his
settings. And spawn fake "Update didn't work, please enter root
password to proceed" windows. I could alter his ~/.bashrc so that
whenever he launches "sudo" or "su", a script is launched instead that
grabs his password. So, please, what's the point?

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