REMINDER : HITBSecConf2009 - Malaysia: Call for Papers

From: Praburaajan <>
Subject: REMINDER : HITBSecConf2009 - Malaysia: Call for Papers

Hi all - just a reminder that the Call for Papers for HITB Security
Conference 2009 Malaysia (October 5th - 8th) is closing on the _31st of
July_. If you have something new and kick-ass to show the world, do submit!

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

# 3G/4G Cellular Networks
# Apple / OS X security vulnerabilities
# SS7/Backbone telephony networks
# VoIP security
# Firewall technologies
# Intrusion detection
# Data Recovery, Forensics and Incident Response
# HSDPA and CDMA Security
# WIMAX Security
# Identification and Entity Authentication
# Network Protocol and Analysis
# Smart Card and Physical Security
# Virus and Worms
# WLAN, GPS, HAM Radio, Satellite, RFID and Bluetooth Security
# Analysis of malicious code
# Applications of cryptographic techniques
# Analysis of attacks against networks and machines
# File system security
# Security of Embedded Devices
# Side Channel Analysis of Hardware Devices

Further details:

Also note that the early bird registration offer ends on the 31st of
July as well - If you haven't booked your seats, your are strongly
encouraged to do so asap to enjoy the discounted pricing.

See you in October!

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