Paypal Bug Bounty #102 QR Dev Labs - Auth Bypass Vulnerability

From: Vulnerability Lab <>
Subject: Paypal Bug Bounty #102 QR Dev Labs - Auth Bypass Vulnerability

Paypal Bug Bounty #102 QR Dev Labs - Auth Bypass Vulnerability



PayPal Security UID: ZVf25kC


Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

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An independent vulnerability laboratory researcher discovered an auth bypass web session vulnerability in the PayPal QR Labs Service Web Application.

2012-05-11:    Researcher Notification & Coordination (Cernica Ionut)
2013-05-14:    Vendor Notification (PayPal Inc Security Incident Team - Bug Bounty Program)
2013-06-20:    Vendor Fix/Patch (PayPal Inc Developer Team)
2013-07-05:    Public Disclosure (Vulnerability Laboratory)


Affected Products:
PayPal Inc
Product: QR Labs Online Service - Web Application 2013 Q2



An auth bypass session web vulnerability is detected in the official PayPal QR Labs Service Web Application.
The vulnerability allows remote attackers to bypass the web- or system user auth of the affected 
vulnerable computer system to compromise paypal accounts.

The bug is located in the application account login module when processing to load manipulated j_password 
parameters via GET method. Attackers are able the decrypt and exchange the information in the request live 
with a session tamper to take-over other accounts. At the end the vulnerability allows remote attackers to 
enter remotely any paypal qr labs account of the web application.

Exploitation of the vulnerability does not require user interaction but a low privileged paypal qr labs 
application user account. Successful exploitation results in account steal or compromise and stable user 
session manipulation with different effects.

Vulnerable Service(s):
                               [+] PayPal Inc \u20ac\u201c

Vulnerable Module(s):
                              [+] Account - Login

Vulnerable Parameter(s):
                              [+] j_password

Affected Module(s):
                                [+] Account System

Proof of Concept:
The vulnerability can be exploited by remote attackers with low privilege paypal qr labs application user account and 
without user interaction. For demonstration or reproduce ...

After some security checks to authenticate in the web application, the last request for being authenticate 
in this web application it is not secure implemented.

Afected Link:

If we look at the request wich is a GET method request we will soon see ...
If we encrypt the j_username parameter value as SHA1 ... 
The result will be the value of the j_password parameter

Note: PoC Video
The username is encrypted in SHA1 it is equals with < 96301aa9f02b5d12278b0e902dc5434ed9477d19
In the demonstration above it seems that the password of the username is encrypted in SHA1 ;)

2013-06-20:    Vendor Fix/Patch (PayPal Inc Developer Team)

The security risk of the auth bypass web session vulnerability is estimated as high(+).

Independent Security Researcher \u20ac\u201c Cernica Ionut Cosmin (

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