Linux ASLR mmap weakness: Reducing entropy by half

From: Hector Marco-Gisbert <>
Cc: Ismael Ripoll <>,Assign a CVE Identifier <>
Subject: Linux ASLR mmap weakness: Reducing entropy by half

A bug in Linux ASLR implementation has been found. The issue is that the mmap 
base address for processes is not properly randomized on some architectures due 
to an improper bit-mask manipulation. Affected systems have reduced the mmap 
area entropy of the processes by half.

The number of possible locations are reduced by 50%, which for example will 
reduce the cost of brute force attacks.

PowerPC, Sparc64 and ARM have 18 bits of entropy. Non-vulnerable systems have 
262144 (2^18) different places to locate the mmap area. On vulnerable systems, 
this value is reduced to 131072 (2^17).

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Hector Marco-Gisbert @
Cyber Security Researcher @
Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)

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